Wednesday, 18 January 2017


Hey guys, this weeks T5W is: Favourite Polarizing Books. This is a book that the majority of people seem to either really love, or really hate; there's no in betweens. I really struggled with this category, I even looked up a list of polarizing books and unfortunately, I'd barely read any of them and the ones I did read, I didn't like. But I eventually managed to come up with 5 so here they are.

1. The Fault In Our Stars by John Green

I know a lot of people love this book, and John Green's writing in general but there are also a lot of people who can't stand it. I feel like John Green is an author you can't really have no opinion on, and that's why this book is number one. I think one of the main reasons people disliked this book is because they made the mistake of watching the movie first (which was a really amazing adaptation) and therefore they were disappointed by the book. Other people didn't like it because it was cingey and quite cliche which I agree with, but I still enjoyed this book anyway. It was cute, and emotional and so true/honest to real life. Hazel's character was witty and sarcastic and again so honest which was why I loved this book so much. John's writing style is just something I can really connect with.

2. Fifty Shades Of Grey by E. L. James

I know more people who hate this book than love it, and I know it's quite controversial due to its rather graphic sexual content but I actually really adored the plot and the character development of Anastasia in this book. I haven't gotten round to reading the rest of the series yet but I'm hoping they will be just as good. I was honestly surprised at enjoying this book, as erotica isn't a genre I had really read before but I'm glad I gave it a go.

3. Ten Things We Did by Sarah Mlynowski

I read this book when I was a lot younger, around 12 or 13 I'd say but it was without a doubt my favourite book. I read it over and over again, still getting the same enjoyment and feelings from it as I did this first time. After reading a lot of reviews, I noticed a lot of people not enjoying this book. I re-read it recently, to see if I'd still enjoy it as an older teen and I loved it even more! It's funny and cute and 100% relatable to every teenager ever. I don't understand how you can't love this book and Sarah's writing.

4. We Were Liars by E. Lockhart

This is an incredibly popular book with Booktube and book bloggers, I've heard so many people talk about it, in both positive and negative ways. Whilst a lot of people did not enjoy the plot twist and characters within this book, I adored everything about it. I read it whilst on holiday a few summers ago, as it's one of those cutesy summer reads and I just connected with it and fell in love with the story. The writing style was fantastic also.

5. The Perks Of Being A Wallflower

I'm sure everybody knows of this book, as it too has a very famous film adaptation which was amazing. I love this book though, it's heart-breakingly honest and a true representation of mental health. I was emotionally invested to all the characters and I loved the format of letters within this book.


  1. Oh, I agree on John Green. In fact, I included him in my #t5w post of this week as well. You either love or hate his books. And I enjoyed "We were Liars" too, it was very interesting and, as you mentioned, cute.
    The others I haven't read and I'm still debating whether or not to read "50 Shades of Grey" - should I?

    1. I would definitely recommend reading it, it's got a lot more depth than people make out!