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Heart by Misha Fitt- Review

Publication Date:
August 22nd 2016

Dream Big Publishing

Goodreads Synopsis:
Jacob’s Cross High Junior, Anna Cass, has always felt like her life was lacking. Lacking boys, lacking a car – lacking normal family. So when bad-boy Heart appears on her radar she decides that he is the one to fill the void. There is only one problem: Heart is a demon who steals people’s heartbeats to stay alive.

This is not common knowledge. It is the dark and brooding Heart Mavet’s secret he keeps locked tightly away. A curse decided before he was born, Heart’s life changed when he turned 17 and accidentally killed the woman he knew as his mother. Anger at his father who sealed his fate when he had an affair with a demon all those years before pushes Heart to defy the curse and only feed on the terminally ill or elderly. 

A relationship with Anna is the last thing he needs, but Anna pursues him with an avid intensity.

But there are bigger secrets lurking around the corners of Jacob’s Cross. Secrets more powerful and deadly than the one Heart holds burden. Secret’s that will prove to endanger Anna’s life and change everything she thought she knew about her own family.


I was provided a PDF copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Plot- The plot of this story reminds me a lot of the plot for Abandon by Meg Cabot, so if you enjoyed that book/series I would definitely recommend you checking this one out. It essentially revolves around a really sweet girl who falls in love with the mysterious 'weird' boy of the school, who she has only shared one interaction with her whole life. There is obviously something strange about him, but instead of running away, that only pulls her in closer. I thought the plot was really interesting and gripping, I was always wanting to know what would happen next. However, it could have been more unique and original as several tropes and cliches I've seen appear in fantasy/supernatural books appeared here too. Despite this, there were some honestly shocking plot twists that I really didn't see coming. Throughout the first 100 pages of this book I was thinking "this is so predictable, I know what's going to happen" and then all of a sudden I was like, woaaaaaah what is happening right now?? I wasn't expecting it at all and was pleasantly surprised with how the story turned out. It simultaneously wrapped up really nicely but also on a cliff hanger, which I don't understand how that's possible. It gives an implication that everything isn't as it seems, and after some research I found that there will be a second book; "Soul". I cannot wait for this to come out and to see where the story develops.

Characters- I really liked the majority of the characters in this book. There were a few which seemed unnecessary for the story, such as in the beginning paragraph and Joshua, but I'm hoping his character and story-line will be explored more in the next book- otherwise I really don't understand what their purpose was. The main female character Anna was really funny in a sarcastic and witty way which I loved. She wasn't the stereotypical 'damsel in distress who needs saving' that you see in a lot of female protagonists, especially within a supernatural novel. It was refreshing to have such an independent and feisty female lead. I did, however, think she was a shitty friend to Dim and that really annoyed me that she constantly put herself and her relationship before her friendship. Heart was an interesting character, he was very misunderstood and I loved that he had such a sensitive side despite what he was, and what he had to do to survive. His response to his demon nature was really sweet and the way he handled surviving was smart and mature. I liked his character a lot- however I didn't particularly like his relationship with Anna. It was very 'insta-love' and I really hate that book trope as it's so unrealistic, it doesn't happen that way ever. They got involved very quickly after fully meeting and it annoyed me. They were just immature about their relationship, contrasting their personalities when separate. Ephy was a good addition for me, she was humorous and a strong character. I didn't see the point of Cannon being there, he was kind of just really annoying and didn't add anything to the story particularly other than following everyone around trying to be part of it all in my opinion. I really liked Arma, she was quirky and kind of crazy but that suited her, and Anna's mother Amber had some great development and background story that we got to learn about to find out what made her who she is which I liked- she was really emotional and sweet. Evan was interesting and there was a lot of foreshadowing of his character, especially toward the end but we never found out about him but I'm assuming (and again hoping) there will be more of this in the second book, and an explanation for why he's come into the story and what his plan is.

Writing- The writing style was kind of hit and miss for me. There were parts that I really loved that were described beautifully, especially the parts about the ocean and the town. However, certain bits didn't really make sense to me. They seemed a bit random and not necessary to the story, such as the opening scene. I liked her style of speech, the characters were very likeable and some of the things they thought/said were relatable and easy to connect with. The multiple POVs helped to understand each character and their thoughts/feelings on the situations a lot better, and I always love books written in this style.

Overall- I did enjoy this book and am excited to read the second book (unsure of when it is coming out, as there is no publication date on Goodreads) and will be picking it up as soon as it is available. I would recommend this book to fans of the Abandon series by Meg Cabot and fans of supernatural romances. 

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