Monday, 10 October 2016

My First Time Tag!

Hey guys!

I know, I know. It's been months since I've posted..again. I would tell you I'm going to start being more active on here again but we all know that's a lie since I say it every post.. Sorry I love you all.

Every time I log on here I'm so overwhelmed by the amount of support I've gained it's actually insane so thank you all so much, I can't believe this blog is nearly at 50K! It's crazy.

Today's post was a suggestion from the lovely Lisa or @catcrazy73 on Instagram so thank you Lisa for giving me this idea and it's the "My First Time" Tag. I've seen this about a lot on Youtube and since I've stopped really caring about my posts being awkward or too personal I thought this would be perfect for today's post! So without further delay I'll just get on with it as I know none of you really care about all this rambling.

1) FIRST: YouTube video I ever watched- I genuinley can't remember the first video I ever watched since I first discovered YouTube about seven years ago but it was probably some Barbie music Video or possibly my one true love Justin Bieber when he had his sweepy hair back in the day. 2009 Justin will always be my man crush.

2) FIRST: Person you subscribed to on YouTube- I actually do remember this because I subscribed to two people on the same day and they were xxfluffypunkxx (Tiffany Kudrikow) and JaackMaate (Jack Dean) whose videos I still watch now. They both made rant type videos which I find really funny but Tiff has deleted all her content. Unsure why but I'll leave the link to Jack's channel at the end of the post.

3) Do you still talk to your FIRST love?- No. Simple enough answer aha. Coincidentally he unblocked me earlier on to day and all my spam love messages I'd sent while being blocked delivered and he put "Ok" and then blocked me again. True love right there guys. No but honestly I am 100% over the break up and relationship now as it was a while ago and as a few people have asked me how I've been coping with it (thank you for your care and kind messages) and have asked for a How To Deal With Breakups post in my How To series so let me know if you'd be interested in seeing that.

4) FIRST: Kiss- I was in Year 9 (age 13 for those readers who don't have years) and it was with my 'boyfriend' at the time Bailey in a tree at our local pub, being pressured and dared by his older sister.. It wasn't the most romantic of kisses in all honesty.

5) FIRST: Alcoholic drink- I don't remember this either but I would have a guess that it's a glass of wine or something as I used to get those with my family on special occasions such as Christmas or New Year and I used to drink it all even though I hated the taste because I felt grown up. The first time without family was probably vodka though, which literally just tastes like bleach and makes me throw up so. Still drink it though as I'm responsible as fuck.

6) FIRST: Car- I can't drive yet so I don't have a car. I was meant to be starting my lessons around six months ago but I'm lazy (as we know from my lack of posts) and haven't gotten round to organising them yet. I should probably do that soon as my boyfriend is taking his test next month and I haven't even started lessons so I'm going to have to beg him for lifts everywhere. Using him for his future car really. The first car I remember my parents owning was a purple Suzuki and I loved it.

7) FIRST: Job- I babysat for some children in my village when I was about 13 and I still do it occasionally now and I love them so much, it's been nearly 5 years with them so I've watched them grow up and they're like family really but aside from that it was as a waitress in my local pub when I was 15 and it was so busy as there were only 3 staff members in the entire kitchen and I hated it. I only did it for 3 hours a week but I dreaded those hours so much. I quit after like 6 months and used 'exams' as an excuse.

8) FIRST: Pet- My first pet was a ginger cat called Hastings who the family had before I was born so I grew up with him really and he was adorable. He taught me how to walk because I used to chase him around my living room and my first word was 'cat' so really, he influenced me more than anybody else. He's dead now though.

9) FIRST: Celebrity crush- If you couldn't tell from my earlier question, my first real celebrity crush/obsession was Justin Bieber when he brought out his My World album back in 2009 the bae. Am I the only one who thinks he looked adorable with his long hair?

10) FIRST: Real boyfriend- I'd say my first real boyfriend was Alex, who I started dating in 2012 and we broke up in 2015 so we were together for almost 3 years which seems mad but we were just 'high school sweethearts' and obviously I really cared about him and loved him as a friend but I wouldn't say I ever properly loved him, after experiencing relationships and actual love since then I would say what me and Alex had was just comfort? We were together for so long and the only reason we stayed together that long is because we were used to having each other around and was scared of change. From my point of view anyway (Sorry Alex if you ever read this)

11) Who was the FIRST person to text you today?- My boyfriend Harry, he's usually the first person to text me every morning as he has to get up so early for work and nobody else is awake at 5am.

12) Who was your FIRST teacher?- My reception teacher was a woman called Mrs O'Rourke and I was a teachers pet when I was 4, she actually loved me and she used to bring me those small books you got in cereal packets as gifts back in the day if you're old enough to remember those? What happened to those though like can someone explain where those went because they were the shit. Comment if you remember what I mean!

13) What was your FIRST sleepover?- My mom didn't let me go to sleepovers til I was like 8 because, well I don't really know, she was obviously scared I was going to go wild and do heroin or something and hire a male prostitute because that's what all 5 years olds do isn't it. (I'm definitely not bitter about not being allowed to my friend's sleepover parties..) But I think my first sleepover was at my lifelong friend Lucy's house (who has an amazing blog which I will link below and you should check out because she's lovely) as she lived in the same village and her Dad was best friends with my Dad so he could 'check on me'.

14) What was the FIRST thing you did this morning?- I am a teenager so obviously the first thing I did was check my phone and my social media and reply to all those messages I had (jk I had one)

15) FIRST: Concert you ever went to- I went to a Paolo Nutini concert when I was younger with my friend Connor but I hate saying that's my first concert because I couldn't see anything and I don't remember it anyway so after that, it was The 1975 and Circa Waves which was incredible, I loved every second of it and I've been to every The 1975 concert since. I rate them, Matty is my kind of guy xo

16) FIRST: Broken bone- Fact about me guys, I've never broken a bone! Go me! I don't know how because I was in hospital literally 24/7 when I was in primary school because I was so clumsy. I was such a tomboy and I used to climb trees to prove to the boys I was 'cool' and fall off them all the time so I guess I'm just lucky really.

17) FIRST: Movie you remember seeing- I don't remember seeing it but I know the first two movies I watched when I was a kid were Fantasia and The Wizard Of Oz. My mom said the only time I'd shut up is when they were on and I used to just watch them on repeat. I'm easily pleased.

18) FIRST: Sport you were involved in- I can't remember if I did ballet or swimming first. All I remember is I hated ballet, I'm the least graceful person, as I said earlier I hated being a girl when I was younger so my mom had to drag me out of bed for ballet and I was shit at it anyway and only got sympathy certificates and I got kicked out of my swimming class for 'being cheeky' to the coach.. I am nice I swear..

19) FIRST: Tweet- I literally had to find my old account to answer this and it's so embarrassing. It's from 2010 and it says "has made a new facebook account coz she made another account on the email address of her old one, can any1 tht knows me plz add me x" That doesn't even make sense. The one after is even worse: "is really missing Georgie :( luv u loadz Georgie x" I literally have no fucking clue who Georgie is to be honest with you.

20) FIRST: Facebook profile pic- I wish I knew this because I know how ugly it would be but I did a clear through of my Facebook before I started college and deleted all the embarrassing photos which I regret now because it'd be fun to laugh at myself.

21) FIRST: Piercing- My ears, I only got them done like last year and they've already healed up.. Peak times. Embarrassed I just used the word 'peak' on my blog but got to stay true to myself haven't I.

That's it! Thank God as I've been typing for almost two hours and my hands are starting to get cramp. Thank you so much to everyone for reading and as always leave any suggestions in the comments and I'll see you soon (probably not) for the next post.

Cloud xox


  1. OMGGG YOU'RE BACK!! Such a good post, I feel I learnt so much more about you, and I love The 1975 too!! Maybe do a post/video with Harry? That'd be super cute. Please reply to this!

    Love Alice from Florida xxx

  2. defo do the post on how to get over a break up </3

  3. do u have a public snapchat?? ur so open nd honest I bet ur stories would be so entertaining


  5. Ah shit, didn't mean to have CAPS on lmfao