Saturday, 2 January 2016

STORYTIME- Best/Worst Tinder Experience

Hey lovelies,
So firstly, Happy New Year to you all! I hope you had an amazing Christmas and New Year.

Secondly, I've had a lot of requests to do more personal posts and share what I do during the day and stuff and after something pretty awkward happened, I thought it'd be a great idea to share it with you guys. I'm sure you've all seen Tinder stories, and that's what this is. If you don't know what Tinder is, it's a sort of dating app where you swipe left if you think the person is unattractive and right if you think they are attractive. If you both swipe right for each other, you match and can then start messaging.

I'm going to change the names in this story for anonymity purposes and in case they ever read this (except my best friend, who really is called Becky but she said she's okay with being mentioned on here).

So I matched with a boy named Archie and usually I don't pop up first but he was so attractive that I decided to make an exception. We started talking and realised that he lived in the next town to me, which is about a 15/20 minute drive and he is in the year above me so he's just recently got his driving license. We exchanged numbers and started texting instead. We'd only been texting for about a day when he told me he was bored and wanted to meet up for a late night drive, as it was around 11pm at this time. I was with Becky so I told him that I couldn't leave her, and sorry. However he then went on to say that she could come as well so we decided, why not? Do something a bit exciting and spontaneous for a change, plus I get attached to people really quickly and I did already quite like him. So we found a way to get out of my house at midnight and went to wait in the car park of a local pub for him. He told us he'd invited one of his friends too, let's call him Corey.

So they turned up at about 1am, and seriously, I nearly died with how attractive Archie was in real life, like a solid 10/10. He'd asked me beforehand if I wanted anything from the shop and when I tried to pay him back for my drink, he refused to take my money and I literally said to Becky "Ok I fancy him". Anyway we started going for a drive and I was expecting it to be really awkward because we had only been talking a few days but it was great, we all got along really well and the banter was on point. They were both really funny and time seemed to go so quickly. We drove around all night, got to know each other so well and just had a really good night. We ended up in Sainsburies car park at 4am and we were just having a chill session listening to music and everything when a random man came over and started asking if we had any drugs. When we told him we weren't on drugs, he was adamant that we were and kept trying to give us any when we genuinely didn't have any. It was seriously hilarious. Becky and Corey were hitting it off and at about 5am, I realised Archie was acting weird with me. I put it down to him just being tired from driving all night and left it. We stopped at McDonalds twice, once to get them a toffee latte because that's their fave drink and once to get breakfast. So, when it got to around 7am, we decided to crash at Corey's house because everyone was completely shattered. We started to watch a movie but nobody was really paying attention to it. It was freezing so Archie gave Becky his jumper and I saw the way he kept looking at her, which was when I realised that both Archie and Corey fancied Becky.  Which obviously hurt but I tried to push that thought away as Becky and Corey were spooning under a big comfy blanket. Some things Archie did and said gave me hope that I was wrong, and that he did actually like me. Corey and Becky were kissing which was sort of awkward for me and Archie but I was happy for Bex that she'd pulled. After like half an hour of deliberating, we ended up cuddling on the couch (bare in mind Archie had to drink some tequila to even consider this as an option) and he decided it was too warm and took his shirt off. I'm not kidding when I say, that boosted him from a 10/10 to an 11/10. It was about 9:30am when he fell asleep, and I was drawing patterns on his bare skin and stroking his hair and face and it was honestly like something from some cheesy novel or film but I loved it and after spending a full 10 hours with him, I really liked him. It was pretty much the best night of my life.

When I woke up an hour later, is when it all went wrong. I had to wake Becky up because she had to be somewhere later on that day and I tried not to wake Archie or Corey up but they woke up anyway and straight away started being blunt with us- both of us. Archie got up and sat at the other end of the couch and put his shirt on without saying a word to me and Corey, this is great, went on his phone and started swiping right to everyone on Tinder, while the girl he'd just spent the night with was still sat there. They barely spoke two words to us all morning, it was just awkward and there was a lot of unusual tension that neither me or Becky understood. When we said we were leaving, they didn't even ask where we were going or check that we'd be okay. Neither of us had ever been to the area he lived before and they both knew that as well. Corey walked us to the door and locked it behind us but he didn't say goodbye and neither did Archie. We had no idea what we'd done wrong and both of us ended up crying, which may seem pathetic but honestly we were sleep deprived and confused that boys we thought might actually be into us had just fucked us about. I texted Archie the day after trying to be nice and thanking him and stuff and he didn't reply. Then on New Years Eve, as I was drunk, I called him and I honestly don't remember what I said which is worrying but he blocked my number after that and then both him and Corey messaged Becky. Archie called her "princess" as well, so my assumptions were correct. When Becky told him it was a bit awkward for him to be saying this because she had kissed his best mate, he said, and I quote "we share init". Just wow. I'm not even upset any more because I realise how ridiculous it is to be upset over a boy who treats girls like that just because he's an 11/10.

Shoutout to Becky for being such a good friend and not replying to him after that though.

So that's my story of the best and worse tinder meet up I will ever have. Let me know if you like these storytime segments and comment if you've had any bad tinder experiences.

Cloud xo


  1. OMG! Your life seems so so exciting im jel, I cant believe you got used like that though thats so bad!! You both deserve better anyway. Ive never met up with anyone from Tinder in real life but it seems like fun!! These type of posts are sooooo cool too xxxx

  2. Sad that people like them are out there. You should share more stories with us. A happier one would be better ngl

    1. I know right! Yeah I'll definitely make more story time posts, thank you for your feedback :)

  3. omg that must have been insane! I'm too scared to use tinder haha

    1. Hahah yeah it was pretty crazy, Tinder can be good at times just make sure you're careful x