Sunday, 15 November 2015

Bands You Totally Need To Listen To

Hey my lovelies,
So I was scrolling through my music list earlier today when I realised that there are so many amazing bands that just don't get enough appreciation and I wanted to some of my personal favourites with you all. I thought this would be a good post as I love getting new music recommendations from people so I hope you all do too, and also it helps really great bands get recognised! So enjoy!

Firstly, I want to talk about a great indie rock band I discovered a few months ago called Liberate. They recently released their EP and I absolutely love it. One of my good friends, Tom, is a member of this band and honestly he's amazing- his voice is so beautiful and I know how hard he (and all the other members) work and it seriously pays off because I think all their songs are so unique and original. My favourite song at the moment is Disguise so I'd seriously recommend listening to that one. Shout out to the guitar player too because that level of talent is insane. Did I mention that these people are 16/17?! To be able to produce music that great at such a young age is crazy and I feel so privileged to know them. Anyway, they deserve so much more recognition then they get, so I'll leave links to their YouTube below, and make sure to follow them on instagram for updates too! Please check them out and give them love<3
Instagram: @liberate_uk

Another band that I'm really loving at the moment is Neutral Milk Hotel. They are also an indie rock band (can you see a theme developing here?) from America and they remind me slightly of Fairport Convention and folk ish music in some songs- such as In The Aeroplane Over The Sea, which is my current favourite. Their music is really upbeat but the lyrics have a lot of depth and meaning which is one of the main reasons I love them.

Lastly, I wanted to mention an indie band called Cigarettes After Sex. They have a really chill and peaceful vibe and have the same sort of affect as The Smiths do. Most of their songs are really quiet and make you reflect life, perfect for late nights. They deserve so much more recognition than they get, I'm strangely addicted to their music at the moment- it's very emotional. Also remind me slightly of the 1975's slower music. My favourite at the moment is Nothing's Gonna Hurt You Baby, although I love all of them. Please please check them out!

So those are all my recommendations for the moment, let me know if you liked this and I may do a part 2. Comment below your favourite bands that you think deserve more credit. Love you all!