Friday, 30 October 2015

Autumn Update!

Hey guys, it's Cloud!

This is another kind of update post, as I haven't really got a topic to discuss with you at the minute, but I'm working on all my requested posts and have something pretty exciting planned for December- so make sure you check back to find out what that's about!

Anyway, I've received so many Twitter messages from you guys saying how much you enjoy reading this blog and giving me suggestions for posts to make and I can't thank you enough for all this support. It's crazy how many people view this little blog now compared to last year, it's slightly overwhelming to think that so many people from so many different countries look at what I have to say. I genuinely really love you all.

So yeah, that's the soppy bit out of the way. I just thought I'd let you guys know what's going on with me and my life at the moment, as a few of you have asked.

I started college in September, and after working my ass off for GCSE's (sort of) I managed to get into my dream college which I was seriously over the moon about. Seriously guys, I'd wanted to go to this college since I was 12 years old.. Anyway, I actually got in and now I'm studying Law, Psychology, Philosophy and English Literature. I'm not going to lie to you, it's hard. Really hard actually, I never expected to be under so much stress juggling college work with social time and sleep. It's a lot. I've done about 10 essays after only being there for two months- it's my own fault for picking all essay based subjects, I know. The hardest thing for me was leaving all my friends. I was the only person from my friendship group to come to this college and I was seriously terrified about not knowing anybody. I've met some really great people though, and although I'm not as close with my old friends anymore (people always promise to stay close, but you can never quite be the same when you're not seeing them all the time), but we still talk and meet up every so often. College life is pretty great at the minute actually, so if any of you out there are feeling stressed about moving schools or starting a new place, just know that it will be scary at first. I can't lie to you and say it won't be, but I promise you that things will work out and you'll end up really enjoying yourself.

Okay wow that turned into some kind of inspirational speech there..
Let me know what's happened with you lovelies recently, or what your plans are for the Winter season?

Speak soon
Cloud xo

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  1. I'm starting college next year and am really worrying about it so this reassured me thank you. glad your having a good time. this winter I am going to visit my family in Florida. love you<3