Saturday, 3 May 2014

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The Quiet Ones- Movie Review

'The Quiet Ones' is a supposed horror film directed by John Pogue. The film is based around a group of college students, and a professor who are paranormal investigators in the 1970's. They are trying to prove that a young girl isn't possessed by an entity, and that there is in fact a scientific reasoning behind her mental and physical behaviour.  

Before watching this film, I read online that a lot of people were really disappointed by it. It had some pretty bad feedback and I was doubting whether I should actually watch it. 

What a lot of the critics were saying about 'The Quiet Ones' is that it wasn't actually scary. The film is full of jump scares that after a while, just become annoying. The sound effects play a huge part, as maximum volume was produced just before a 'big scare'. Again this was kind of annoying as it informed us that a jump scare was about to occur, making it less scary than it originally should have been. Nothing particularly scary actually happens either, most of the jump scares are just stupid, for example: There is a loud bang on the window, oh wait, don't worry, it's just your friend. 

A positive about this movie however is Sam Claflin and Olivia Cooke's performances. Claflin plays a camera man who films all the paranormal activity in the house and Cooke plays the young girl that the story revolves around. They are both brilliant and undoubtedly the reason this film was as un-nerving as it was. You genuinely care about, and feel sorry for the poor girl which I think adds more emotion and depth to the atmosphere and the overall film experience. 
  I'm still not completely sure as to why the film is called 'The Quiet Ones', as most, if not all, of the characters are actually quite loud throughout. I do like the way the movie was produced and the story-line was unique and exciting, not the typical horror film. A few twists towards the end also picked up the excitement for me. I just feel that the scares were relied on by sound effects and the ending was slightly rubbish. 
Grade: B.

Thank you for reading, as stated in the last post, these are all my personal opinions and did not intend to offend anybody. I do like this film, I just felt it could have been improved. 

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  1. Aw this is so good Claudia! Wish you would've said something before hand, we could've seen another movie�� x

  2. Aha, thank you bab:3 No no, I did really enjoy it though xx