Thursday, 1 May 2014

April 2014 Favourites

Favourite Products- April 2014

I've seen quite a few bloggers and YouTubers make this kind of post and I wanted to share with you my most used products of April 2014- this will probably end up being a monthly thing. 

*First* Maybelline Baby Lips

These lip balms are amazing. A cute size makes it easy to slip into your purse or bag yet stills lasts a really long time, no matter how much it is applied. The colour produced is subtle and blends with the natural lip tone. There is also a wide variety of flavours: from Cherry Me to Pink Punch, they are all unique. When applied to the lips, it doesn't give off a greasy feel that I've experienced from other lip balms. I feel as though it smooths the lips and leaves them hydrated throughout the day: as well as giving off a beautiful shine. Would definitely recommend you pick up one of these, they are fairly cheap to purchase too. (£2.99 I believe) 

*Second* Bath and Body Works Christmas Hand Sanitisers
I know, I know. It's nowhere near Christmas so these probably aren't in stock anymore:/ But I've been really enjoying the Christmas Cookie Hand Sanitiser. I'm a bit of a germ freak so it's nice having a small bottle to keep with you at all times, plus it also seems to moisturise the skin to keep it feeling smooth and clear. It has a very unique scent, which does tend to make me hungry..but that's beside the point. These are just really cute and HANDy to have. Get it? I made a really terrible pun and I apologise. Sadly I don't think these are available in the UK, a friend from the US gave me mine, but I still wanted to include it anyway. 

*Third* Katy Perry perfume- Killer Queen
Again, this product has been out a while but I honestly cannot get enough of the scent. It is musky yet fruity at the same time and is truly original. The bottle and overall packaging is interesting and bold, it catches people's eyes straight away. A sultry yet elegant theme is presented in both the packaging and the scent which I believe is important in a perfume. This is a must-have and I use it daily and have done for a few months now. These are around £20 and are sold in most beauty stores and possibly supermarkets too.

*Lastly* Bourjois Happy Light Foundation

I really struggle to find a foundation that covers my blemishes but doesn't appear too heavy or 'caked on'. The Happy Light foundation has a clear pigment which leaves a slight glow, making you seem brighter, and it is still subtle enough for every day use. It leaves skin feeling clean and soft as well as giving skin an even coverage, highlighting your best features and taking away notice from your worst. At £11.99, it is fairly expensive compared to some of the other foundations out there at the moment but for me, it creates the perfect 'healthy skin' look in moments. As said on the bottle, it also hydrates the skin. 

So that's it for my favourite products in April. I recommend all of these products highly and would advise you go out and get them immediately. I'll be posting again tomorrow, probably with a gaming topic to differ from this beauty one. Goodnight, Cloud. xo

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