Sunday, 4 May 2014

Bucket List

Top 100 Things I Want To Do Before I Die

Hello again my lovelies. I haven't really done much of a personal post before, so I wanted to make one for a change. This is my 'bucket list' of 100 things I hope to do before I die. Enjoy.

1. Learn Sign Language- not sure why, I just think it'd be a handy skill to have.
2. Visit all of the US States
3. Become fluent in French or German
4. Go to Harry Potter World in Florida
5. Meet the cast of Teen Wolf
6. Scuba Dive in The Great Barrier Reef
7. Successfully complete a diet
8. Swim with dolphins
9. Create a YouTube video
10. Donate blood
11. Travel to every continent
12.  Run a marathon for charity
13. Climb Ben Nevis
14. Visit the White House
15. Buy a homeless person a coffee
16. Go Skydiving 
17. Learn how to surf
18. Ride in a hot air balloon
19. Walk through Japan's 'Tunnel of lights'
20. See the Northern Lights
21. Go to Japan
22. Visit all New Seven Wonders Of The World
23. Go on holiday with friends
24. Pass a driving test
25. Go to university to study Law
26. Write a novel
27. Take a photograph every day for a year
28. Swim in all five oceans
29. Visit Juliet's house in Verona
30. Perform at the West End
31. Attend Comic Con in costume 
32. Go to a festival or concert
33. Eat at an underwater restaurant 
34. Eat at Nandos!
35. Add to the 'Love Lock Bridge' in Paris
36. Use a fake name in Starbucks 
37. Have children 
38. Get married 
39. Watch all of the 'IMDB Top 250 Movies'- So far 23/250
40. Go paint-balling
41. Visit Bora Bora
42. Learn ballroom dancing. 
43. Play innuendo bingo
44. Have a pet husky
45. Get a small tattoo
46. Make a wish at the Trevi Fountain in Rome
47. Throw a dart at a map and travel wherever it lands
48. Ride an elephant
49. Visit the Louvre in Paris
50. Go up the Eiffel Tower
51. Spend New Years in Times Square
52. Make a Burn Book
53. Go to all the main theme parks in the UK
54. Witness an eclipse 
55. Go skiing 
56. Attend a masquerade ball 
57. Ride in a limo
58. Send a message in a bottle
59. Sit on top of the Hollywood sign
60. Go on a midnight stroll 
61. Kiss underneath fireworks
62. Go to New York fashion week
63. Eat with chopsticks
64. Try sushi
65. See the Grand Canyon 
66. Try every flavour of Ben&Jerry's ice cream
67. Learn archery
68. Complete my Wreck This Journal
69. Go on a date to a carnival or fair
70. Take photographs with strangers for a day
71. Hug a stranger
72. Own every Disney movie on DVD
73. Leave someone an inspirational message
74. Dip-dye my hair
75. Receive a promise ring 
76. Have a closet full of shoes
77. Find someone's lost pet
78. Have a professional photo shoot with a friend
79. Adopt a puppy
80. Drive down Route 66
81. Start a diary and write in it every day
82. Visit the Walk Of Fame
83. Spend the night in a haunted mansion
84. Go to Disneyland Paris
85. Own a beach house
86. Own a grand piano
87. Skinny dip in the ocean
88. Kiss under mistletoe 
89. Try butterbeer
90. Get tickets to the Jeremy Kyle Show
91. Learn Karate
92. Be asked to prom
93. Ice skate in Central Park
94. Study abroad
95. Walk on a red carpet
96. Meet Leonardo DiCaprio
97. Meet PewDiePie
98. See the Statue Of Liberty
99. Visit a waterpark 
100. Complete everything on this list.

Okay so this took forever, but was so much fun to write. Every time I complete one of these things, I'll highlight it.
As always thank you for reading. Cloud xo

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