Thursday, 1 May 2014


Finally starting a blog!

Hello my lovelies, this is my very first blog post (hopefully the first of many). I just thought this should be a short introduction as to what sort of things this blog will be about so you guys know if you'll want to continue to read. Thank you if you've even got this far into it without crossing off! 
I'm hoping that this blog will be on a range of topics: fashion, beauty, music and film etc,  as they are the things I am most passionate about and hey, it's obviously easier writing about topics that interest you. I'll try to write a post every single day, but as a teenage girl I have a pretty bad memory so please don't hate me if I forget once or twice.
I would really appreciate it if you would follow my twitter- and check my page again later for a new post!
Love Cloud xo


  1. Aw Claudia, this is so cute! Proud of you girl����

    1. Thanks Luce, I'll be overjoyed if my blog is even half as good as yours:')xxx