Wednesday, 1 March 2017

T5W- Fictional Jobs You'd Want To Have

Hi guys!

It's Wednesday which means T5W time! If you don't know what this is, it's a weekly post in which you post your top 5's relating to a theme that is chosen for each week. I'll leave a link to the Goodreads page here as that will definitely explain it better than I can!

This weeks theme is: Fictional jobs you'd want to have!

Obviously fictional jobs are ten times cooler than ordinary jobs because they're not real, you can do anything you want to! I've chosen 5 of probably the most obvious amazing fictional jobs because I'm totally unoriginal and boring. I hope you enjoy!

1. Gamemaker- The Hunger Games

Obviously making people suffer and die is not the reason I chose this job. I love planning things and organising, and creating the layout for the Hunger Games setting sounds so fun. Imagine being able to choose every last detail about where the games take place, it's like being paid to create your own world exactly how you want. I'd make mine pretty similar to those in Catching Fire with the beach and everything. It's like interior design but..not interior. 

2. Care of Magical Creatures Professor- Harry Potter

Of course I had to have something from Harry Potter on here, it's probably the most exciting ficitonal world so the jobs from there are pretty exciting too. Being a professor at Hogwarts would just be the coolest. Working in a massive castle full of magic and adventure sounds perfect. I just chose the care of magical creatures professor over all the others as it's the class I'd be most interested in and you'd get to see so many different animals and mythical creatures. It was close between this and defence against the dark arts though.

3. Auror- Harry Potter

Oh look, another one from Harry Potter. I just couldn't help myself. An Auror is essentially the magical version of a crime detective. They're employed by the ministry of magic to investigate crimes related to the Dark Arts. This sounds like it'd be super dangerous and scary but also really interesting and exciting too.

4. Host of the Illea Capital Report- The Selection

Being the reporter for the Capital would be literally so fun. You're basically interviewing the royal family and a lot of potential princesses trying to find out gossip about them and their relationships with the Prince. I don't know if this appeals to me so much because I'm nosy or what, but something about this job seemed really cool to me. Watch out Gavril!

5. Dauntless- Divergent

Being a Dauntless means being the police and protectors for the entire country. It's dangerous, and you have to be physically and mentally strong to endure it. As I am neither of those things, I would probably fail at this job miserably but hey, at least I'd have fun trying with all the adrenaline I'd get!

What fictional job would you like to have? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I'd love to be an auror too! It sounds cool and I'd love to be one in muggle department or department of mystery.

    Tasya // The Literary Huntress

  2. I had Auror on mine too! A Gamemaker would be really cool too.