Thursday, 16 March 2017

Book Travelling Thursdays #9

Hey guys, it's a Thursday so you know what that means! Book Travelling Thursdays is a weekly meme created by Catia where we discuss book covers relating to a certain theme. If you would like the join in the fun, or just have some more information, I'll leave the Goodreads page linked here.

This weeks theme is: It's Freedom of Information Day-Because freedom matters, choose a controversial book.

There are a lot more controversial books around now then there used to be, because it's become more acceptable to start discussing these topics and different opinions are more talked about in society. I love controversial books as I love knowing other people's views on topics. This week, I chose Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma!

The reason this book is controversial is because it involves the taboo topic of incest. For those who don't know, incest is sexual relationships between family members. If this is a sensitive topic for you or you are easily bothered by a work of fiction involving this subject matter, I would not recommend for you to read this book. If you are not bothered about this, definitely give it a read as it's a fantastic book.

*Disclaimer* I am in no way condoning incest or saying it is something I agree with in any way. This is purely a work of fiction and you should judge it as such, despite the sensitive subject matter.

Original cover:


I actually love this cover. I'll talk about it more in the next section but I love the simplicity and the barbed wire shaped to be the love heart is so symbolic of the relationship in this story and how dangerous it is.

Favourite covers:

Forbidden       Forbidden 
       (English)                           (German)

These two covers are just so perfect. They both show that the relationship is a dangerous one, with the barbed wire and the thorns shaping the love heart that surrounds the words. They're both really simple but that makes them look so beautiful and the falling rose petals in the last one are such a nice addition too.

Least favourite covers:

Forbidden   Forbudt
        (Thai)                           (Danish)

Neither of these are terrible covers but there were only a few different covers to choose from and out of them, these were my least favourite. I don't really like the holding hands and the whole colour scheme in the first one. I know it's quite a sad book at times but it just looks too gloomy. I don't like the tree on the last one, it's a weird tree. And I don't like the fact that the 'O' in the title is coloured differently to the others, it just looks weird and doesn't do a good job and portraying what the book is about. Like if I saw this, I'd think it was a historical fiction about Vikings or something like that.

Which of these is your favourite cover? Let me know in the comments below!

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