Thursday, 26 January 2017

Book Travelling Thursdays #3

Hey guys, it's Thursday so you know what that means! Book Travelling Thursday is a weekly post Catia where we discuss book covers related to a certain theme. If you would like to join the group, or just some more information, I will leave the Goodreads page linked here.
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This weeks theme is: Choose a book that was a big surprise for you.

For this, I'm going to choose my most recent read, which there will be a review up for either later on today or tomorrow and that is- Beware of Bad Boy by April Brookshire!

Original and Favourite cover: 


There are only two different covers for this book, and I'm not a huge fan of either of them but of the two, the original cover above is also my favourite. It kind of looks like one of those really cheesy covers, I can't stand people on the front cover of books- no matter how fit they are. I don't really like the font or the colour of the text but it's a lot better than the other cover.

Least favourite cover:

Image result for beware of bad boy

This is just awful. It's blurry for a start (this is the e-book cover I believe) and it just looks so tacky. The boy in the image is wearing a vest top that looks like he should be starring in Footloose or something and the fact he's behind some sort of barbed wire is just cringey. The different shades of blue just look weird against the 'sign' that holds the title and I just really hate this.

Despite these covers, I really loved the book so I would definitely recommend checking the series out!

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