Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Things To Do During The Autumn/Winter Seasons!

Hey guys,

Although I absolutely adore the Autumn and Winter seasons, they can sometimes get a bit boring as the weather is even shitter than usual and it's freezing so nobody wants to get out of bed to hang out with you, we've all been there.
So I wanted to come up with a list of things you can do when you're home alone and bored in the colder seasons.. (no, not like that, behave.)

1: Bake- I love baking, eating most of the mixture before you've even cooked it is always a highlight, so make sure you've got the correct ingredients beforehand or just find a recipe that uses ingredients you already have and get baking whatever you want; cookies, brownies, cake etc. (Make sure you get someone else to clean up after you though because that isn't fun.)

2: Clear Out Social Media- By this I mean go through your Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat and unfollow anyone who you no longer want to follow. Let's be honest, we all scroll through our social media on a daily basis and think 'why on earth am I following this account?' So make the most of the indoor time to change this, only follow accounts which you find interesting or of people you actually know and care about what they're doing. I constantly worry about unfollowing people in case they feel offended or take it personally but I really don't care about what Fred Smith is having for his tea so just click the unfollow button and make your feed a bit more suited to what you want to see. While you're on social media, you could also do with deleting those 2011 selfies and photos taken of you by your mother- if a cute boy goes stalking you, they really aren't the things you want him to see.

3: Read- This is your opportunity to finish that book you started and have been putting off for almost a year, telling yourself that you're too busy and will carry on with it tomorrow. No more excuses, pick up the book and just get into it. Need recommendations? Leave a comment and I'll make a post giving you some top book recommendations.

4: Netflix&Chill- Whether you have a bae or not, this is vital. Get into your comfy pyjamas, wrap yourself up in a blanket and make sure you have plenty of chocolate, biscuits and Ben&Jerry's. Make yourself a nice warm drink and watch as many movies or episodes of your latest TV obession on Netflix as you can (or just watch them online if you're poor like me and can't afford Netflix..) My current obsession is Stranger Things, so if you're stuck and need ideas of what to watch then I would recommend giving that a go. It's a sci-fi thriller programme which isn't usually my go-to-watch but you connect with the characters instantly and you're constantly wondering what's going to happen next.

5: Declutter- I have recently started using this great new app called Depop to sell some unwanted beauty and clothing items and I really love it. It's so quick and simple and the buyers on the site are always so friendly and willing to compromise. You just upload photos and a description of your items and if people are interested they will message you regarding price. You can set an instant buy price or have buyers message you offers. There are also millions of things to buy at amazing prices on there too (try not splash all your wage in two days by buying numerous grey hoodies that all look exactly the same but you just NEED them all because they're gorgeous.. not that I'd do anything like that..) So take a look through your wardrobe and drawers and start uploading things you no longer need/want.

That's my top 5 things to do during the cold seasons. I hope you're all well, you might have noticed something too. Not a big deal or anything but.. WE HIT 50K! Honestly I can't believe it but I'm so so grateful to you all thank you!
As always, leave any feedback in the description below.
Clauds x


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