Thursday, 4 June 2015

Movie Review 3

Good evening, my lovelies!

I realised that I haven't done a movie review in a while, and as I recently saw a fantastic movie in the cinema, I thought this would be a great chance to do that!
So, this movie is a sequel to a hilarious comedy that came out in 2012. It stars great actors, amazing story-lines and beautiful acapella music.
Yep, you guessed it.


These films are just so good, and although a lot of people think it's mainly a girl film, I'm pretty sure a lot of guys would have a lot of fun watching it too. As you probably know, the first film is about a girl named Beca who wants to be a DJ, but has to spend time in college before her Dad will let her go off and try become a music producer. While at college, she is recruited into an acapella singing group called The Barden Bella's. They compete in competitions and go through a stage of trying to find their unique sound that will also get them to beat the competition. It was intense, and heart-warming, and as soon as the film ended on a cliffhanger, I knew there would be a sequel. I had literally been waiting since 2012 for Pitch Perfect 2, so I was really excited when I was able to go watch it last week.

Pitch Perfect 2 is bigger, better and more hilarious than the first one. (Who knew that was possible?) It follows the Bella's competing in a national competition in order to save their title. They go up against some amazing competition this year, especially the German group "Das Sound Machine", who to be perfectly honest, although they are supposed to be the enemy, I completely loved. I just thought their accents made the songs they covered so original and their rendition of the Fall Out Boy song "Light Em Up" was just perfect.

There are a few new characters in the Bella's this year, a few of which aren't very well explained. They were just kind of there, I didn't know who they were, their names, their stories and I think that's what makes Pitch Perfect such a success, the fact we connect with all the characters in some way, and they all have their own characteristics that are different. However, one new character who I LOVED was the legacy, Emily. She was new to the college, and her mom used to be one of the Barden Bella's, so she was excited to be able to join as their newest member. She contributed to the film really well, and was an amazing singer. Some characters that "left" in the first film made quick reappearances, such as Aubrey and Bumper, which I thought was really really good and the character development of Fat Amy was insane! You really got to know how she thought, and felt.

So in the first film, my absolute favourite part was the riff off, and I know lots of other people agree. So I was completely over the moon when there was another riff off this year! The song choices were epic, the chemistry between the groups and the way they worked together was epic, and I honestly was so happy there was another riff off.

Overall, it was hilarious, it was heartbreaking, the music was EPIC and I would totally recommend watching it (and the first one, if you haven't already). I obviously gave this a solid 5/5 and I hope to God they make a third one!

Well, thank you for reading guys!
Cloud xo


  1. I love this film too!! Great review!! I love this blog I check it all the time becos its so good! Do you have a boyfriend? If you do you could do the boyfriend tag!! Thatd be great! xx

  2. I really want to see this but I haven't gotten the chance. Nice review :)