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May 2015 Wrap-Up!

Wow, hello my lovelies!

So it's been almost a year since I uploaded on here, which is such a long time and all I can do is apologise. I never realised how difficult it would be to keep up with this, and although I have had lots of support with the blog, there have been people who have made hurtful comments. I guess that's a factor as to why I stopped writing, but I realised that I enjoy this blog so much. It's an outlet, and why should I stop doing what I enjoy because a few people are immature?

Now on with the post!
As you may or may not know, I am obsessed with reading. I spend all my free time reading books, and watching Booktubers on YouTube. I've seen many videos of people doing wrap-ups and TBRs, so that's what I'm doing today!

For those who don't know, a wrap up is detailing all the books you've read that month and giving a quick non-spoiler synopsis and a rating.
In the month of May, I read four books, which were all amazing.

The first book I read this month was "The Catastrophic History of You and Me" by Jess Rothenberg. It's such a beautiful story surrounding a girl named Brie Eagan who literally dies from a broken heart after her boyfriend Jacob tells her that he doesn't love her any more. She ends up in a strange after-life where she begins to discover the secrets that her friends and family were keeping from her, with the help of old-soul, Patrick Darling.

An aspect of the book that I really loved, was that each chapter was the title of a song, mainly 80's songs, and there is a four page long playlist at the back of the book.

I did really enjoy this story, I thought it was unique, however became slightly confusing towards the end. I gave this book a 4/5.

The second book I read was "If You Could See Me Now" by Cecelia Ahern. I love Ahern's writing and I was very excited to get to this one.

This is again a very beautiful story and touched me quite a lot. However it is not the typical romance novel. I did get quite emotional and attached to the characters whilst reading it, which I think is due to the writing style. 

The book is about a young man named Ivan whose job it is to look after, and help children who need it. However for the first time in his life, he realises it is Elizabeth Egan who needs his help. Elizabeth is organised and never does anything fun or spontaneous. She is haunted by events of her past, and spends her time looking after her nephew Luke, as her sister Saoirse is incapable. Ivan wants Elizabeth to feel joy and happiness, however it's very difficult for him to help, when Elizabeth cannot see him.

This again, is very unique. I've never heard of anything like this before and it's just so touching. I gave this 4.5/5. 

The third book was People's Republic by Robert Muchamore. I love Muchamore and have read all his first series so was very excited to read this one and see if it was as good. (It was.) 

 This is the first book in Ryan Sharma's "Cherub" career. "Cherub" is a secret agency that uses children to go on missions and try bring down criminals. They use children, because people never suspect them. There has been another series of "Cherub" with the main character of James Adams, but you don't need to have read all of that series to understand this one. 

This book switches between two point of views. The first is Ryan, who is undergoing his first mission and trying to get information on a major group of people, who traffic women illegally and also transport illegal goods via many countries. The second is a young girl named Ning, who gets kidnapped by the Aramov Clan (the criminals) with her mother and she has to try find ways to escape and deal with many obstacles.

I thought it was thrilling and I couldn't put it down because I wanted to know what would happen next. There were so many twists and I just love these books so much and I think everyone should read them. I'm looking forward to getting the second book, hopefully soon. I gave this a 5/5!

Lastly, I read the only John Green book I had yet to read, which was Will Grayson, Will Grayson. It was also written by David Levithan.

This book is about two people with the same name, who lead very different lives, but end up meeting and discovering things about each other, and themselves. Honestly, the gay best friend Tiny Cooper completely made this book for me. He was by far the most interesting character, and he was amusing too. I would recommend reading the book just for him.

I flew through this book, it was just so easy to read and I really loved it, and had life lessons and messages that were subtle but there. I also gave this 5/5!

So those were the books I read last month! I'm definitely thinking of doing one of these every month, so let me know if you'd enjoy reading that? I'd also love suggestions for other posts to make. As always, thanks for reading! 

Cloud xo

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  1. This is a really good wrap up. I love Cecelia Ahern too but havent read this one yet but will definetely get round to it as your review is so good. Could you maybe do a Marry, Kiss, Cliff with fictional boys like on readbyzoe's channel? I think thatd be a really fun post to read. Keep up the great posts