Friday, 20 June 2014

Movie Review 2

The Fault In Our Stars 

Based on the fantastic novel by John Green, The Fault In Our Stars is a romantic and realistic story about a teenage girl living with terminal cancer. With its heart-warming love story, bits of humour and huge plot twists, this film is easily one of the best this year. 

I have literally no words to describe how the movie made me feel. It practically tore my heart apart and left me with an empty pit of despair in my stomach- but in a good way (if that is at all possible.) 

Augustus Waters is now the love of my, and I'm sure every other female who has experienced his charm's, life. The way Ansel Elgort portrayed him kept his character true to the book and still as pretentious as ever. I completely adore the relationship him and Hazel share, as it is not only perfect, but it's real. I felt immersed within this truly devastating movie and Shailene Woodley showed real passion and pain consistently throughout.  

I am in no way exaggerating when I tell you that almost every single person in that cinema was in hysterics, crying at the mere thought of what we had just witnessed. Any author who can create a storyline that brings so much emotion to an entire room, is worthy of an award. I'm honestly not sure if I'll ever be the same again, the film changed my whole outlook on life and its meaning. Traumatised but so very much in love with every aspect of TFIOS.


I seriously recommend watching this movie and also reading the book, if you haven't already!
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