Monday, 16 June 2014

How To- Deal With Bullying

Hey guys, a more serious post today as I was requested to discuss how to deal with bullying. I really feel for anyone who is being bullied out there, and I promise you that no matter how bad things seem right now, it will get better! Enjoy the post, and stay beautiful.

1. Your Reaction

How you react to these bullies is highly important. The more you act upset, and like what they are saying/doing is affecting you, the longer it will carry on. I know it's awful but for some reason, bullies like the fact they are upsetting someone. If you act like you do not care, they will soon get bored and leave you alone. I've been in that position where somebody is saying horrible things, and it's really difficult not to cry or say something equally mean in response, but really you just need to walk away from the situation. Sure, you can cry when you're not around them because that's totally normal. Everyone needs to let their emotions out in some way, but if this happens when they are in view, things will probably not get better. It's not likely that they will be sympathetic. 

2. Retaliation

One of the worst things you could do in this situation is retaliate, and stoop down to their level. Swearing and shouting rude remarks may seem like an appropriate way to get them to stop, but it could ultimately end up making things worse. When you get angry or upset with them, do not resort to verbally or physically attacking them back as they could then turn the situation around on you and make you seem like the bad one. As stated in the previous point, just walk away and take some time to calm down and gather your thoughts.

3. Changing

Sometimes bullies may be targeting specific people due to their characteristics: personality or appearance. Do not try to change yourself according to what they are saying. It makes them think you are weak, or an easy target and will do anything they ask you to. This could lead to worse things being said, in a hope of you taking it on board. Also, I can guarantee that you have absolutely no reason to change yourself! You are perfect in every way and you cannot let some insecure bully make you feel differently about that. Statistics show that 60% of bullying is due to jealousy so just think about that before you change yourself to suit them.

4. Tell Someone!

This is possibly the most important point of all. Don't be afraid to tell a trusted adult or even a friend who could then pass the information on to a teacher or parent/carer. Even if you feel as though what is happening to you doesn't consist of real bullying, if somebody is purposely upsetting you or hurting you then the issue needs to be addressed! I cannot stress enough how much talking about your problem helps. It may seem to you that telling will just anger the bully and make the situation worse for you, but that's not true. An adult can discuss the matter, with both of you and find out the underlying issue within the bullies life. Things will eventually get sorted if you take the step to explaining what's happening to you. Please, if you take anything at all from this post- let it be this. You deserve the right to happiness, and that can be achieved if you are brave and realise this is the best option.

So there are my top tips for over coming bullying. I am so proud of all of you out there who are currently being bullied, or who have stood up and put a stop to it. Stay strong and I wish you all luck! Thank you for reading. Also, a huge shoutout to Maria who suggested that I make this post. Hope I helped M!

Cloud xo 


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    1. Aww thank you, that means so much! I'm actually collecting questions right now to make an FAQ page so I'll answer your question on there! Your positive feedback really is appreciated x

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