Monday, 12 May 2014

Dream Wedding

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Hello again! For the past few days, my friends and I have been discussing what our dream weddings would be like and I thought it would be a great idea for my next blog post. So that's what I'm doing, enjoy!


My dream venue would be Burghley House in Lincolnshire. It is a fairytale Elizabethan house with impressive spires and 2,000 acres of parkland. It is famous in Hollywood as the set of historical backgrounds. The house was featured in the 2006 adaptation of Pride and Prejudice along with The Da Vinci Code and numerous others. 
It also holds a beautiful garden full of interesting water features and fountains, along side a sculpture park. 
I believe that this would be a perfect location to hold a wedding.


My dream dress would be one from the Adriana Alier collection by Rosa Clara. I particularly love this dress, as it is elegant, graceful and just completely stunning. I adore the detail scattered around it and that it does not cling tightly to the body- it just flows outwards towards the bottom. It is strapless with a heart shaped top and a detailed hem. The colour is a traditional ivory/cream which I think is very complimentary and connotes the beauty and purity of the special day.

Colour Scheme and Flowers:

I would love the colour scheme to be mint and cream but I think coral would also be a lovely colour to have, so I'm still deciding on that one really. Definitely mint and cream though. I would like the bridesmaid dresses to be a pastel mint colour.

As for flowers, I love pink Clematis Montana but they usually grow upon walls so I'm not entirely sure how I could include that in the wedding. The bridal bouquet would have to be pink peonies as I think it adds real elegance and blends well with the cream/ivory dress.

Although this will most likely never happen, I just wanted to share my thoughts on what a perfect wedding would be like.
Thank you for reading, as usual. :3
Cloud xo

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