Monday, 19 December 2016

Chill Vibes Playlist

Hey guys,

I've been feeling really stressed out recently with work and making sure everything is perfect for Christmas, and to combat this stress I've been listening to a "Chill Vibes Playlist" I created that completely calms me down.

I wanted to make a list of 5 songs and artists for you that absolutely MUST be on your playlists for chilling out- enjoy!

1. Cigarette's After Sex: Nothing's Gonna Hurt You Baby

I mentioned this band and also this exact song in my last music post but I just had to mention it again in this post as it's such a relaxing song. Their music is so ambient and slow, it's the perfect song to put on while you have a long soak in the bath. Absolute gold.

2. The Courteeners- Small Bones

The Courteeners are probably one of my favourite bands at the moment so it seemed only right for me to include one of their songs, and this slow contrast from the rest of their upbeat music is so beautiful I wanted to put it in here. You know those songs at concerts where everybody gets their lighters or torches out and waves them in the air? This is that song. It's haunting and we all know how Liam Fray's voice makes us melt anyway.

3. The 1975- Loving Someone and Falling For You.

You can't talk about chill vibes without The 1975, and these two are my favourite down time songs. Falling For You makes me cry every single time (yes I'm that girl) but it's so surreal and sombre it deserves a place on this list. Loving Someone is one of their newer songs from the album I Like It When You Sleep. Again, purely beautiful and a song you can connect with on a deeper level emotionally. This live is fantastic.

4. Sam Feldt- Show Me Love

Although Sam is a DJ who produces deep house music, this particular song is still on my chill list as it is unique yet still chilling. Its melody is infectious and will leave you feeling calm in a different way to the others already on this list. This is a more up tempo song, as the others while relaxing are quite slow and sombre. This is a feel good track that'll make you feel a whole lot better about everything.

5. The XX- Together

The XX are an indie pop band and again, this song is so relaxing. I love listening to it, it seems almost unreal. Make sure to give this song a listen, for some reason it makes me think of the ocean and beaches which obviously is a totally calming image- let me know if it makes you feel the same or if that's just me.

I'm also going to link below some music channels on YouTube that make really good chill playlists and upload fab music daily, so make sure you check those out!

The Hyve-


Spinnin' Records-

Chill Nation-


  1. Good music choice!

  2. Small Bones is my favourite Courteeners song!

  3. I looooove The 1975! My favorite (from their old album) is You :)